The first photos show Princess Leonor of Spain in the military

The first photos show the future Queen of Spain at the General Military Academy of Zaragoza.

Spain’s heir to the throne, Princess Leonor, 17, was photographed for the first time at Zaragoza’s General Military Academy, where she will complete her three-year course. She follows in the footsteps of her father, King Felipe VI. (55), and grandfather, Juan Carlos (85), both of whom were also educated at this military school. In the photos that show Leonor on her first day of school, she wears camouflage clothes, a tight bun and looks very concentrated.

Leonor arrived at the academy with her family on Thursday and was assigned to the cadet battalion. King Felipe wore a military uniform for the occasion. His wife, Queen Letizia (51), an elegant, understated pantsuit and Leonor’s sister Sofia (16) jeans, a green patterned top and sneakers.

The future Queen of Spain completes a module during her first lessons at the school to help her get used to military life. The program included theoretical notes, practical exercises and saluting officers.

Crown Princess moves to shared accommodation

Leonor will begin her actual military service next month. After her training at the General Military Academy in Zaragoza, which is the Spanish equivalent of the British Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, she will attend Naval School and complete her training at the General Air Academy.

As “” further reports, the crown princess will live in accommodation with up to twelve other students. In addition, she should get a haircut and basic military equipment before the first real training session. She is entitled to a salary of 417 euros. However, the palace reported that she will refrain from doing so. Much like a boarding school, the Military Academy follows a strict schedule during the weekdays, but Leonor is free to go home on the weekends when not participating in maneuvers.

New phase of life after high school in “Hippie Hogwarts”

Princess Leonor completed the International Baccalaureate (Abitur) at UWC Atlantic College in Vale of Glamorgan, Wales, in May. The school is often referred to as “Hippie Hogwarts” because of its progressive educational concept and the picturesque castle setting.

The princess, who will turn 18 in October, revealed at the Princesa de Girona Foundation awards ceremony on July 5 in Girona, Catalonia that she is looking forward to being a cadet soon. She said: “I just graduated from high school and I’m starting a new career with military training. I’m happy because I know how much the Spaniards value our armed forces… It’s an important moment in my life and I’m very excited and determined to keep learning and doing my best.” Said to the delight of the audience Leonor das in Spanish, Catalan and English.

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