The German-Iranian sentenced to death didn’t even know that he was supposed to die

After being banned from contact for more than two years, Gazelle Sharmahd has finally been able to speak to her father Djamshid. When his daughter talks to the German-Iranian about the death sentence that was imposed five months ago, he knows nothing about it.

The daughter of the German-Iranian Djamshid Sharmahd, who was sentenced to death in Iran, is alarmed after a phone call with her father on social media. After more than two years of being banned from contact, she was able to speak to her father, wrote Los Angeles-based Gazelle Sharmahd on Twitter late Sunday evening (CEST). Now she fears that it could have been a farewell call.

A German-Iranian sentenced to death does not even know that he is supposed to die

It is said that Djamshid Sharmahd himself knew nothing about his death sentence, which was imposed five months ago. Gazelle Sharmahd took this fact as further evidence that the verdict was purely political.

Djamshid Sharmahd was reportedly arrested by the Iranian secret service in Dubai in the summer of 2020 and taken to Iran. Sharmahd previously lived in the United States for years. In the United States, he was involved in the exile opposition group Tondar (Thunder), which advocates a return to the monarchy.

A revolutionary court held the 68-year-old responsible for a terrorist attack in February of this year. His family and human rights groups have denied the allegations against him.

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