The millionaire couple has 22 children – 20 of whom were born in one year

With an Instagram video, 26-year-old Russian Kristina Ozturk shared the everyday life of her 24-member family in Georgia with her 231,000 followers. Her video title: “Meet the Ozturk family!”

One after the other, the 22 children of the Ozturk family introduce themselves to the audience in the video. Mustafa for example. Maryam, Ayrin, Alice, Hassan, Judy, Harper, Teresa, Hussein, Anna, Isabella, Ismail, Mehmet and Ahmet – all of whom are already three years old. And all the two-year-olds. 83 children are currently being planned, says Kristina.

Of the Ozturk children already born, except for Victoria, a child from her first marriage, and Olivia, born in 2021, all were born in 2020 – the same year in which Kristina met her now 58-year-old millionaire husband Galip Ozturk.

Kristina: “My husband is my mentor, guide and prince charming – all in one”

At the time, Kristina says, she was a single mother of a child after a failed relationship “Daily Mail”. In order to reorient her life, she took her savings and took a short vacation in the tourist area of ​​Batumi.

As if by a miracle, she met Galip Ozturk on the first day there: a mogul in the real estate and logistics industry who had fled Turkey after he said he was falsely accused of murder. Of course it was “love at first sight” for both sides.

“He was immediately my mentor, guide and Prince Charming – all in one,” says Kristina. For his part, Galip recognized her as a “rough diamond”: pure-hearted and always with a smile on her lips. Shortly afterwards they moved into Galip’s property in Georgia and agreed to have as many children as possible. The original plan was to have one child per year. But when Kristina became pregnant, the slow pace got on Galip’s nerves, so they agreed to use surrogate mothers.

Ozturks spend 162,000 euros per year on surrogacy

Since she and Galip wanted to father 105 children, they spent around £142,000 (around 162,000 euros) on surrogacy between March 2020 and July 2021, Kristina tells the Daily Mail. In addition, there was around £67,700 (approx. 77,659 euros) for a total of 16 nannies. After all, children are an incredible amount of work.

“I’m with my children all the time, doing everything normal mothers do,” says Kristina. According to their estimates, the nannies used around £18,000 (€20,648) each month to provide basic supplies for the children.

Now she’s managing everything very well, says Kristina. There were never any problems with the surrogate mothers. Each individual is cast by the clinic according to strict criteria: they have to be young and have already successfully completed a pregnancy.

Only once did a surrogate mother not want to give up the child after birth. But like everyone else, she had no right to the child because the children genetically belonged to her and Galip, says Kristina. In addition, she and Galip consciously avoided any contact with surrogate mothers during the pregnancies, only occasionally checking laboratory results and compliance with the individual nutritional plans that they wrote for the surrogate mothers. This will prevent later problems and discussions.

Kristina wrote a book about the challenges of motherhood

Despite her privileged life situation, there are of course numerous challenges, Kristina tells the Daily Mail.

Galip was arrested in May because someone told him falsehoods – tax evasion, money laundering, counterfeiting, drug possession, among other things. There have been problems like this since their first meeting.

Because of Galip’s arrest, Kristina says in an Instagram video that she often feels particularly lonely and powerless this year. She has therefore written a book about her challenges as a mother, which can be purchased online and will provide many mothers with useful information on how to successfully master family life.

“As a mother of 22 children, I can say with certainty that there is nothing more important than information,” says Kristina. “You can always discover something new for yourself.”

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