The rest of the family was there: Prince Louis wasn’t allowed to go to Wimbledon – and is ‘upset’

Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis are all big tennis fans. No wonder Charlotte and George couldn’t hold their ground at Wimbledon. Only little Louis had to stay at home.

The oldest tennis tournament in the world is always a special event for the British Royals. But not only the royal family attracts Wimbledon to England’s capital, many celebrities were also there at the weekend. Celebrities and royals from all over the world traveled to London to root for the tennis pros. Two royals in particular were in the foreground this year. Last year, Prince George was allowed to accompany his parents to Wimbledon. And this year his little sister, Princess Charlotte, was also there. But while the two cheered on the players from the stands, the youngest of the bunch, Prince Louis, had to stay at home.

Prince Louis practices ‘standing still and being serious’ at home

While his older siblings were allowed to accompany mum and dad to Wimbledon, Prince William and Princess Kate’s youngest child was forced to stay at home. As reported by The Sun, Kate is said to have revealed that Louis was “very upset that he couldn’t come.” Instead of cheering along with his siblings in the stands, he probably practiced “standing still and being serious” at home. At least that’s what one of the prom boys, who Kate reportedly told, concluded that Prince Louis was auditioning for a courtside role.

Who knows, maybe Prince Louis can come along next time, after all, his siblings also had to wait a while until they were old enough. Or maybe he’ll even be there as a ball boy.

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