The “White Wolves” fight against Russian tanks with cheap drones

Ukrainian special unit: The “White Wolves” fight against Russian tanks with cheap drones.

Drones play a major role in the war in Ukraine. A Ukrainian special unit uses the drones particularly successfully. Now their commander has given an insight into the operations of the unit for the first time.

He calls himself “1”: Oleg Yemets, commander of the Ukrainian special forces “White Wolves”. The unit is part of the Ukrainian secret service SBU and specializes in the use of drones. Your main target: Russian tanks.

Commander built up special unit with private funds – long before the Russian invasion

Yemets told the Ukrainian newspaper Ukrajinska Pravda that he set up the “White Wolves” himself in 2011, long before the Russian invasion. At first it was just a training center, later he registered the unit as an organization.

“It was a community of like-minded people who knew war was inevitable. We began to prepare as a unit with unified standards for conducting combat operations,” Yemets said. There were training sessions every week and the equipment was paid for from their own funds.

Many of the volunteers had no military training, the commander recalls. He himself served in a Ukrainian elite unit during his military service – although at that time the service had no connection to the war. Nevertheless, he learned a lot about reconnaissance during this time, according to Yemets.

Ukrainian special unit fights against Russian tanks with self-developed drones

The “White Wolves” are so far a rather unknown unit – despite significant successes. The soldiers are said to have destroyed more than 400 tanks, 10 of them in a single night, according to the SBU. Their most important means are drones. They are used to first track down tanks and then fight them.

The soldiers record most of their missions. Many of the videos can be seen on platforms such as YouTube or Telegram. This allows you to check your success.

In addition to the reconnaissance drones, the unit now also has long-range and kamikaze drones. The unit even developed part of the technical equipment itself, explains Yemets. The commander reports that their device losses have been limited so far. Only 20 drones have been destroyed since the beginning of the war.

The unit is also financially successful: The total expenditure for the drones is said to be only around 200,000 euros – a fraction compared to the damage caused on the Russian side, which runs into the billions.

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