The wife of boxing legend René Weller makes an emotional request to his fans

Former boxer René Weller fell ill with dementia nine years ago. In the meantime, the disease has progressed so far that his wife Maria is preparing for his death. She therefore turns to her followers on social media with a request.

Maria Weller is preparing for the worst. At the beginning of July, the wife of boxing legend René Weller announced that her husband’s condition, who had dementia, had deteriorated dramatically. On Instagram, she is now asking her fans for help.

Former European champion René Weller is dying

“The worst thing is when you have to let go of something and still have the hope of being able to hold on to it somehow,” says a picture that Maria Weller shared on Instagram on Saturday (July 29). Below it, the wife of the former European boxing champion writes: “My heart, it’s bleeding. Please send him loving thoughts again.”

Wife Maria Weller made a promise to her husband

In an interview with “RTL”, the 70-year-old reveals shortly afterwards how she will deal with the imminent death of her beloved husband René. “I’m not feeling well,” explains Maria Weller and adds: “I’m in shock.” Nevertheless, she is confident that she will survive this difficult time.

Weller also explained that behind her emotional appeal on Instagram is a promise she once made to René. “People can send good thoughts and prayers, that matters. I promised René that I would let the fans participate in his life,” Maria Weller told RTL. “The fans have a right to accompany him, they also thank you for participating.”

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