This hit will hurt for a long time: attack hits Putin’s key base

A devastating attack on the airfield in Berdyansk could have a significant impact on Russian forces in this sector of the front, according to British Defense Intelligence. This reports “Ukrainian Pravda” on Friday.

After the events of October 17, it is likely that several helicopters and air defense systems in the occupied Berdyansk and Luhansk regions were destroyed by Ukrainian attacks, Ukrainska Pravda reports. British intelligence suspects that nine Russian military helicopters were destroyed in Berdyansk and five in Luhansk, with Ukraine said to have used ATACMS missiles purchased from the USA for the first time.

Strategic loss for Russia

Analysts emphasize that fixed-wing aircraft have rarely been involved in air support for the Russian armed forces, which is why there is a greater dependence on helicopters. The airfield in Berdyansk, which Ukrainska Pravda describes as a forward base, was important for Russia both logistically and for offensive and defensive actions. If confirmed, these high losses could significantly impact Russian capabilities on this axis. In addition, replacing the destroyed equipment will be a challenge given the current utilization of Russian military production.

Additional burden for Russia

The secret service also states that the current losses could put additional pressure on the remaining Russian aircraft and their pilots, as they are already likely to be exhausted from intensive use. Ukrainska Pravda quotes British intelligence as assessing that Russia could be forced to withdraw its bases and checkpoints further from the front, which would pose logistical challenges.

Key infrastructure in sight

In addition, as Ukrainska Pravda further reports, British Defense Intelligence emphasizes that the Kerch Bridge, despite repairs after damage caused by Russia, will only allow limited Russian transport to occupied Crimea. It also emphasizes that significant resources are needed to protect them from further attacks.

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