Thomas Gottschalk can imagine Giovanni Zarrella as his successor

Presenter legend Thomas Gottschalk (73) recently said his final farewell as presenter on “Wetten,dass…? ” known. In an interview with “Zeit” he talks about the exit – and about young talent. The 73-year-old sees great potential in one person in particular: musician and presenter Giovanni Zarrella (45).

Thomas Gottschalk on Giovanni Zarrella’s talents

When looking at the young talents on German television, one young presenter in particular stands out for Thomas Gottschalk: Giovanni Zarrella. The TV legend seems to get along particularly well with him – in September, Gottschalk and his wife Karina Mroß (61) met Giovanni and his wife Jana Ina Zarrella (46) for dinner. The musician seemed to have left a good impression. “He also likes and appreciates me very much,” enthuses Gottschalk. He adds: “But I have the feeling that he’s stealing the show now because he’s younger and also sings, has a guitar and a brother who brings in the pizza.”

Giovanni Zarrella became famous through casting shows

Giovanni Zarrella should definitely have the experience, as the 45-year-old has already had many years of stage presence. The musician became famous in 2001 after taking part in the casting show “Popstars” – but it wasn’t just his appearances with the resulting band “Bro’Sis”. Since 2005, Giovanni has repeatedly taken part in TV shows and hosted his first programs such as “Bravo Sport TV”. To this day he is a popular guest on various shows and impresses with his likeable and charismatic nature.

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