Thomas Gottschalk reveals: Helene Fischer and Shirin David on “Wetten,dass..?”

Thomas Gottschalk invites you to “Wetten, dass ..?” and takes you through the popular show on ZDF one last time. Gottschalk “humbly” reveals three absolute music superstars from Germany.

After 36 years, Thomas Gottschalk (73) is ending his career as “Wetten, dass ..?” presenter. On Saturday, November 25th, the time has come: He welcomes numerous prominent guests one last time – but who will take a seat on the famous betting sofa? This much can be revealed: Schlager queen Helene Fischer will be there, as the showmaster recently revealed in his podcast “Die Supernasen”, which he produces together with Mike Krüger (71).

Helene Fischer and Shirin David are guests on “Wetten,dass..?”

“I can humbly announce that I have Helene Fischer in ‘Wetten, dass ..?’ will perform together with Shirin David,” he explained to his audience. That’s something like the Stones with Lady Gaga, which he unfortunately doesn’t have, Gottschalk joked in the latest episode, which is available exclusively on RTL+.

Rumors have been accumulating in the music world for a long time about a possible collaboration between these two women, who couldn’t be more different: Shirin David (28), who is considered the most successful German rapper ever, thought about a duet in her new podcast “DirTea Talk”. Pop queen Helene Fischer (39). She hopes to work with the “Atemlos” interpreter. Will the rap icon and the hit queen find common ground?

Will Helene Fischer rap on “Wetten,dass..?”?

As part of the cult show, the time has now come: “They’re singing some reminiscence of 100 years of ‘Atemlos’ together.” However, he doesn’t yet know whether superstar Helene Fischer will rap during her “Wetten, dass ..?” performance. “Yes, I don’t know if she raps, but I know they perform,” promised Gottschalk.

Another big name from the music industry is being discussed: rapper Apache 207 (26), together with Udo Lindenberg (77), achieved huge chart success with the song “Komet”. According to Gottschalk, the ZDF production is trying to get a confirmation, even though the musician “provably does not appear on television for ‘Wetten, that ..?’ “But maybe an exception will be made” – at least that’s what “Supernose” hopes. Gottschalk revealed that Cher (77) would definitely be there: “Cher is coming at the moment.”

Thomas Gottschalk hosts “Wetten, dass ..?” for the “last time”.

After the show was discontinued in 2014, it celebrated a comeback in November 2021, which was so successful with almost 14 million viewers that ZDF planned further editions. “I would like to thank the audience who faithfully accompanied me through my life as a show host and I am happy to host the show for the last time on this special occasion,” said a delighted Gottschalk in an interview with the broadcaster as part of his farewell broadcast. ZDF will decide what will happen next with “Wetten,dass..?” after the broadcast.

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