Thomas Stein: After the “Hart aber fair” performance, there were appalled reactions

In “Hart but fair”: Thomas Stein appalled with Lindemann statements: “Completely absurd”, “disgusting”

Former music manager Thomas Stein discussed the allegations of abuse against Till Lindemann on Monday evening at “Hart aber fair” – and defended the Rammstein frontman. Stein cited arguments for which he is now being massively criticized on social media.

Thomas Stein has his own special views on the allegations against Till Lindemann, as you can see from the reactions to the program a day later. The ex-music manager even made it into the German Twitter trends – because many viewers are now expressing their horror at Stein’s appearance.

The 74-year-old defended Lindemann and spoke of “conjecture therapy”. “Someone is really prejudiced in the most extreme way here,” says Stein. It was unimaginable for Stein that Lindemann, as a 60-year-old, would disappear under the stage for a few minutes to have sex with a fan during the concert: “(…), he’s supposed to suddenly go down and make someone happy? He has to go to the museum, that’s a strength you can’t muster.”

“That says nothing about Lindemann, but far too much about Thomas Stein”

Book author and actress Sophie Passmann reacted to Stein’s statement in her Instagram story. Not only did he manage to “say the dumbest possible thing in a long time, but also bring the debate to the point where it is (finally!) debated: can Till Lindemann still fuck enough for the allegations?” Userin wrote: “That says nothing about Lindemann, but far too much about Thomas Stein.”

One viewer finds it “disgusting” that Stein spoke of “making happy” in connection with Lindemann’s alleged sexual contacts under the stage. Another comment says: And whenever you think someone couldn’t do ANOTHER stupid take in this whole discussion… Thomas Stein comes along and sinks.

Thomas Stein put the presumed number of victims in relation

After the journalist Stefanie Lohaus outlined the difficult situation of dozens of women who were allegedly affected in “Hard but fair”, Stein replied: “There are twelve people (…) Or let it be a hundred.” With 300,000 viewers you have to sometimes see the relation. A viewer asks herself: “How completely absurd are the arguments supposed to be?”

Another Twitter user sums it up: “If you need completely stupid old man comments from the showbiz of the last millennium, then ask Thomas Stein. #MeToo completely missed him.”

Podcaster and TV author Micky Beisenherz took it – as always – with humor. He wrote on Twitter: “Thomas Stein is the man who let Dieter Bohlen happen 20 years ago. We shouldn’t make too high moral demands on him.”

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