Til Schweiger breaks off the interview and warns the RTL reporter: “I’ll remember that”

After the headlines about alleged abuse of power and harassment on the film set, Til Schweiger first appeared again at a public event in Germany. When asked about the scandal by an RTL reporter, the actor responded in his own way.

For around ten weeks, Til Schweiger had withdrawn almost completely from the public. Now the actor has made a public appointment in Germany for the first time. At the Bundeswehr Open Day and the reservists’ Blue Light Festival, the 59-year-old appeared as a guest of honor on the show stage in front of around 30,000 visitors in Weiden, Upper Palatinate.

One RTL reporter Schweiger even got in front of her microphone behind the stage. The actor has been mainly in Mallorca for the past few weeks. Since April, there have been public allegations by several filmmakers against Schweiger. The RTL reporter followed up: “I don’t see at all taking a stand on such crap,” said Schweiger, while his manager immediately tried to stop the interview.

Til Schweiger to RTL reporter: “It’s not cool and I remember that”

The TV report says that Schweiger’s manager had previously warned the RTL woman not to ask any unwanted questions. “She made that very clear to you before and now you’re doing it anyway. That’s not cool and I’ll remember that,” said Schweiger to the questioner. That ended the interview.

At the end of April, the magazine “Der Mirror ‘ a report accusing the ‘Manta Manta’ star of on-set misconduct and abuse of power. Serious allegations, to which Schweiger himself has so far been publicly silent. Only through his lawyer did Til Schweiger announce shortly after the allegations became known that these were “alleged facts that did not exist”.

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