Til Schweiger reports in a new video – but fans are just worried

At the end of April, film star Til Schweiger was accused of misconduct and abuse of power on set. Now he is turning to his fans with a disturbing video message.

He has caused a lot of stir in the film industry in recent months. Almost four months ago, film star Til Schweiger (59) was confronted with violent allegations. According to a report by “Spiegel” magazine, the “Manta Manta” star was accused of, among other things, misconduct and abuse of power on the set. Schweiger himself did not comment on the allegations and went into hiding for around two months. Instead of facing the media hype, the 59-year-old spent a lot of time on his Mallorcan finca.

Til Schweiger only stated through his lawyer that the allegations were “alleged facts that did not exist.” Now the 59-year-old film star addressed his fans directly for the first time in months – and caused them great concern with his emaciated appearance.

Til Schweiger is causing a stir with a thoughtful video message

Schweiger shared a video message on Instagram on Friday (September 8th) that caused horror among his followers. The actor and director actually just wanted to promote the Invictus Games, which took place on Saturday in the presence of patron Prince Harry (38) can be opened. But instead of listening to his words, attentive fans only had eyes for the 59-year-old’s visibly emaciated appearance. Looking noticeably thinner and tired, he looked into the camera with a serious expression and said: “Please everyone come by and support the athletes from 21 countries. They deserved it.”

Fans worried: “Unfortunately you look sickly”

However, instead of focusing on the sporting competition, some fans commented with concern: “You’ve lost weight. I don’t like that.” Another follower noted: “Til, unfortunately you look sickly. I hope you feel better soon.” Other fans were annoyed by the many comments that were only concerned with the 59-year-old’s appearance. One person wrote angrily: “All the comments here that deal with Til’s optics are subterranean. Even if they disguise themselves as ‘worry’… But these are probably those times when form takes precedence over content!”

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