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Tina Turner is dead. The successful singer has amassed a huge fortune over the course of her career. But who gets the XXL legacy?

She was a true icon and gave music fans unforgettable hits. Superstar Tina Turner († 83). On May 24, 2023, the musician died in Switzerland at the age of 83 after a long illness.

She had lived a secluded life for quite some time and had to endure severe blows of fate in recent years. A few months ago, her birth son Ronnie died of cancer at the age of 62. Her biological son, Craig, took his own life in 2018 at the age of 59. She learned of Craig’s death while celebrating her 5th wedding anniversary with her husband, Swiss music executive Erwin Bach.

The musician also has two adopted sons from her marriage to Ike Turner († 76), who has also passed away. The relationship with them is considered difficult.

Tina Turner: Who Gets Her Fortune?

In the documentary “Tina”, which she saw as a farewell film to her fans, the icon spoke about her life and how difficult it was for her – especially with Ike Turner: “It wasn’t a good life. The good didn’t balance the bad. My life was characterized by abuse – I can not report anything else. It’s a reality. It’s the truth.”

The deceased celebrated incredible success on stage and landed numerous hits that still cause enthusiasm today. And she seemed to work well with her money, amassing a huge fortune. As “t-online.de” reports, citing the “Neue Zürcher Zeitung”, Tina Turner is said to have owned $ 250 million. After separating from Ike Turner personally and professionally, she launched her impressive solo career as Tina Turner – and with that she became a real superstar. Her breakthrough came in the mid-1980s. But she didn’t only earn a lot of money with successful albums like “Private Dancer” or with her performances on stage. In 2021 she sold the rights to her music to a music company – and probably received a very high sum of millions for it. An exact number is not known, but estimates put the figure at $50 million.

As “20min.ch” reports, citing the Swiss business magazine “Bilanz”, her widower will probably inherit part of the huge fortune, and it is also assumed that Turner’s adopted sons from his marriage to Ike Turner will inherit something. The singer could also have considered her two grandchildren in her last will. However, details are not known.

Burial in the closest circle of friends and family

These great songs will remain from the unprecedented career of the gifted singer and entertainer – even if she has not been on stage for a long time.

There are world stars for whom the funeral becomes a real spectacle. Not so with Tina Turner. As her agent announced, the musician will be buried with her closest friends and family. So her fans don’t get a chance to say goodbye to her in person. In addition, her agent asked in the statement to respect the privacy of the family. Nothing more is known about the burial. Tina Turner has been a practicing Buddhist for many years.

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