Tom Brady-Irina Shayk Romance Reportedly ‘Fizzled Out’

Rumors indicate Shayk might get back with her ex Bradley Cooper.

It appears Tom Brady and Irina Shayk are back living the single life after their short four-month romance.

The former pair eventually “fizzled out,” according to TMZ. There was no drama or scandal with things just ending. TMZ highlighted how the pair have been spending more time in separate cities after they’ve previously been spotted walking out of the same hotel or hanging out at the same parties.

Brady’s ex-wife Gisele Bündchen reportedly supported the relationship. And reports seem to indicate Shayk might get back into a relationship with Bradley Cooper, whom she shares a child with. Rumors increased after she posted a photo of the Oscar-nominated actor and director on social media.

The former New England Patriots quarterback reenters the single life, which means there’s likely to be a flood of rumors coming in. It’s also safe to say Brady won’t have trouble getting back on his feet.

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