Tottenham boss seething with anger because Tuchel visited Kane at home

FC Bayern wants to sign Tottenham star Harry Kane in the summer. Munich have already agreed on a change with the 29-year-old. According to new reports, Spurs boss Daniel Levy is no longer on good terms with Bayern.

As “Sport Bild” reports, Bayern are still working hard on Harry Kane’s commitment. Accordingly, Thomas Tuchel even personally visited the top scorer in London to convince him of a change – apparently with success, as Kane himself is said to be very interested in the transfer to Germany.

According to “Sport Bild”, Spurs boss Daniel Levy is happy about the fact that Bayern spoke to Kane “behind his back”.

The newspaper relies on information from the environment of the 61-year-old. The “Daily Mail” even describes Levy as “furious” because of Tuchel’s visit to Kane. Accordingly, Bayern now have to conduct further negotiations about their dream striker with an angry club boss.

Levy wants Bayern to “bleed” on transfer

According to information from “Sport Bild”, Levy now wants to make life particularly difficult for Bayern in reaction to their behavior in transfer poker. Literally, there is talk that Bayern should now “bleed”.

In plain language: The London club boss plans to reject the next Bayern offer, even if it should be 100 million euros.

There seems to be a bitter transfer battle between Bayern and Tottenham over a possible move from Kane.

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