Tragedy in Gaza: Explosion claims 500 lives – Mutual blame

An explosion at a hospital in Gaza killed around 500 people, according to Palestinian health authorities. This reports “Daily Express“. The Hamas-run health ministry said hundreds of Palestinians were killed in the incident. A ministry spokesman confirmed that the explosion hit Al Ahli Arab Hospital in central Gaza.

Hamas blames Israel

Hamas quickly released a statement blaming Israel for the disaster and calling the event a “crime of genocide.” Furthermore, the statement published on Telegram points out that this shows American and Western support for the “criminal occupation”. She called on the international community and Arab and Islamic countries to intervene and hold Israel accountable.

Misfire as a cause?

According to the Daily Express, the Israeli military has denied any involvement in the explosion. Israel claims a misfire of a rocket fired by a Palestinian militant group caused the devastating explosion. In direct response to Hamas’ accusations, the Israeli Defense Forces released a statement blaming the incident on the Islamic Jihad militant groups in Palestine.

Horror after rocket attack – hundreds dead in Christian hospital in Gaza.

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