Trump arrives at Miami court in government documents affair

Former US President Donald Trump has arrived at the competent court after the charges against him in the affair of secret government documents. The Republican arrived in a large motorcade at the courthouse in the city of Miami, Florida on Tuesday, according to TV images. It is the first time a federal indictment has been filed against a former US President. Trump denies the allegations.

The court date was to be held behind closed doors, and cameras were not permitted anywhere in the courthouse. Usually, suspects are temporarily taken into custody at such an appointment – but it was unclear exactly how the ex-president would proceed. As a rule, fingerprints are also taken and classic police photos are taken, and handcuffs are often put on. US media previously reported that Trump’s authorities would probably do without police photos and handcuffs.

Trump has been accused of illegally storing highly sensitive information

The federal police FBI searched Trump’s private home Mar-a-Lago in Florida in August and confiscated numerous classified documents from his tenure, some with the highest classification level. By keeping confidential government documents in private rooms after Trump was in office, he could have made himself liable to prosecution. He is accused, among other things, of conspiring to obstruct investigations and illegally storing highly sensitive information. According to the indictment, these included details of the nuclear capabilities of the United States and other countries, military weaknesses in the defenses of the United States and its partners, and information about potential military action.

It was considered certain that Trump would leave the court in Miami after the formal procedure. It was a similar story at the indictment in New York in April, where Trump had already been charged at the state level in connection with paying hush money to a porn star. Last week, the new charges against Trump in the affair about the handling of secret government documents became known. Other cases against Trump are also under investigation. So far, the allegations in connection with the documents have weighed the most heavily from a legal point of view.

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