Trump names Obama’s address – then man is arrested at his house

In the course of the investigation into a man who was arrested near the house of ex-US President Barack Obama, the prosecutor’s office made a connection to an online post by his successor Donald Trump. The man was picked up last week in a residential area in the US capital Washington – weapons and ammunition were found in his car. Prosecutors on Wednesday requested that Taylor T. be kept in custody until the trial began, describing the events leading up to the arrest in their request.

The man shared a post from Trump on Truth Social. Trump co-founded Truth Social, which is a kind of Twitter replacement for the Republican. In the post in question, Trump shared a lengthy article that included an address from Obama. Taylor T. shared this Trump post and commented with the words: “We have surrounded these losers! See you in Hell, Podesta’s and Obama’s.” John Podesta was the campaign manager for 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

“T seems to have delusional beliefs”

According to the indictment, Taylor T. was later on the road near the address mentioned and at the same time broadcast this live on video on the Internet. “As he walked around, he made several disturbing statements,” it said. He should also have said that he was looking for a good angle for a shot. The FBI had already targeted the man for breaking into the seat of parliament during the storming of the US Capitol on January 6, 2021.

The authorities now warned: “T. appears to have delusional beliefs that are inconsistent with reality.” His past history and recent behavior are “of great concern.” It is important that he remains in custody because there is a “high risk of absconding” and a “danger to the general public”.

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