Uefa excludes Juventus from international competition

Juventus Turin will not be allowed to take part in international competition next season. As Uefa decided on Friday, the Italian top club is not allowed to participate in the playoffs of the Conference League. The reason is financial tricks that were uncovered last season.

The Italian record champions Juventus Turin are not allowed to play internationally in the coming season. The European Football Union Uefa excluded the table seventh of the past Serie A season from the European Cup on Friday for violations of financial regulations. Juventus would have been eligible for the playoffs in the Conference League, the smallest European competition.

In the league, Juventus has already been penalized with point deductions

In the domestic league, Turin was penalized last season for illegalities and financial tricks with a deduction of ten points and fines. Among other things, it was about the fact that the club has falsified the market values ​​of its players for years and thus embellished the books in transfers or barter transactions with other clubs. There were also illegal salary payments related to the corona pandemic.

UEFA also imposed a fine of 20 million euros, of which 10 million euros will only be payable for further violations in the financial years 2023 up to and including 2025. The European Cup ban was expected after the scandalous Turin season.

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