Ukraine breaks through Russia’s line: fog operation on the banks of the Dnipro

Ukrainian forces made an unexpected push against Russian positions with a landing operation on the Dnipro riverbank. Several Ukrainian units are said to have successfully crossed the river on Tuesday, in an area that has been under Russian control for several months.

Confirmations of this push came from Russian military channels on platforms such as Twitter and Telegram. Telegram channel The Thirteenth reported that Ukrainian troops captured a strategic point called Kazachi Lageri and advanced up to 800 meters into the area. According to the newspaper “Bild”, the Ukrainians used fast boats for their attack and may have planned to establish a permanent base in the region.

Ukraine War: use in artificial fog

Russian military analysis group Rybar said seven Ukrainian boats reached shore after using artificial fog to create cover west of Kosachi Laheri. Informed sources added that the unexpected attack and a slow Russian response allowed the Ukrainians to advance towards Kazachi Lageri with ease.

While Vladimir Saldo, the Moscow-appointed governor of the Kherson region, denies the Ukrainians’ successful landing and claims the boats were “destroyed,” Russian military bloggers accuse him of deception. A post by the group “Osetin” on Telegram demands: “Mr. Saldo, do not deceive the public.”

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