Ukraine drives Russia away from drilling platform: Kiev now controls Boyko towers

Ukraine can claim a significant triumph by regaining control of strategic oil and gas drilling platforms off the coast of Crimea after eight long years. This represents a major blow to Russian forces located several hundred miles behind the front line.

The recapture of the so-called Boyko Towers was carried out by the Ukrainian Defense Ministry’s military intelligence agency, the GUR, according to Daily Express. A video released by Ukraine’s Main Intelligence Agency documents this operation. It is intended to show how Ukrainian soldiers land on the oil rigs in a motorboat. Furthermore, the secret service states that in addition to successfully recapturing the platforms, they were also able to secure a “stockpile of helicopter ammunition” and a NEVA radar system, which is used to monitor ship movements in the Black Sea. This fact is also highlighted by the Daily Express.

Boyko Towers and their strategic importance in the Black Sea conflict

The Ukrainian armed forces are also said to have damaged a Russian Su-30 fighter jet, as can be seen in the video in question. Since Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014, these Boyko Towers have been in Russian hands and are believed to have served as military outposts. The Daily Express highlights that Ukrainian intelligence is also accused by Russia of using these rigs as landing sites for military helicopters and to monitor ship movements in the Black Sea.

Retaking these platforms could be particularly important for Ukraine’s efforts to keep the Black Sea accessible in the context of the UN-brokered grain deal with Russia.

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