Ukraine is struggling for Taurus: Berlin is hesitant about missiles

According to information from “Ukrainian Pravda“Ukraine continues to push for Germany to supply Taurus long-range missiles, which Berlin has so far refused. Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba, quoted by European Pravda in an interview with Die Welt, emphasized that the “Taurus question” has not yet been resolved for Ukraine and that work on it is continuing.

The German federal government has so far refused to supply such weapons. She justifies this with the fear of being drawn into a direct war with Russia. Taurus missiles have a range of around 500 kilometers and there are concerns that they could reach Russian territory.

Armament deliveries a dilemma

German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius has said that Taurus missiles would not significantly change the situation in Ukraine. The German ambassador to Ukraine, Martin Jäger, made it clear to Ukrainska Pravda that Germany currently has no plans to support Kiev with the required long-range missiles.

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