Ukraine soldiers tired: We will lose the “war of exhaustion”.

Ukrainian soldiers fear a loss in the “war of exhaustion” against Russia, according to The Telegraph. Frontline units are weakened, some at only 20 to 40 percent of their capacity.

Ukrainian soldiers say loudly “The Telegraph“Concern that they could lose the “war of exhaustion” against Russia. This is because their frontline units are losing strength, with some units remaining at only 20 to 40 percent of their original strength. Retired Ukrainian Lieutenant General Ihor Romanenko describes the remaining soldiers as tired.

Weakening of the Ukrainian front

Private Bohdan Lysenko of the 47th Brigade tells The Telegraph that his unit Avdiivka is now defended with just 20 men, compared to 120 men in the summer. Corporal Mykhailo Kotsyurba, who serves in the same unit, adds that Russian forces have an advantage in terms of personnel and ammunition. Britain and the US estimate that Russia has lost over 300,000 soldiers since the start of the war.

Western support crucial

The front line has become increasingly silent in recent months, raising fears that the West may not provide sufficient funding and weapons to help Ukraine achieve a breakthrough. A captured Russian infantryman, Andrei Bednyaev, tells The Telegraph that Russian soldiers are being treated poorly by their own commanders.

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