Ukraine update: British army to go to Ukraine for training

Ukraine update: What happened that night

Britain wants to send troops to Ukraine for training

According to a report in the British Telegraph, Britain wants to send troops to Ukraine for training. According to Defense Secretary Grant Shapps’ plan, training missions for Ukrainian soldiers will take place in Ukraine in the future and not in NATO allied countries.

Russian commander recalled – military bloggers celebrate “rare victory”

As the Institute for the Study of War reports in its daily briefing, the Russian commander of the 205th Brigade must go. There had previously been heavy losses in the brigade, and Russian military bloggers celebrated the replacement as a “rare victory for truth and justice.”

They had previously blamed poor leadership and a lack of artillery support for the losses.

EU foreign policy chief in Ukraine with promises of aid

During a visit to Ukraine, EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell assured the country of support in the fight against Russia’s war of aggression and help for EU accession. Ukraine needs intact security structures to join the European Union, Borrell said on Saturday in the Ukrainian port city of Odessa. Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden quickly called for further support for Ukraine after the US Congress voted to avert a government shutdown. US support for the country must not be interrupted.

Borrell once again condemned the annexation of the four Ukrainian regions of Kherson, Zaporizhzhia, Luhansk and Donetsk, as Russia celebrated the first anniversary of the inclusion of the territories into its territory. “We as the European Union support Ukraine in its fight to restore its territorial integrity,” said Borrell.

Zelenskyj: Alliance of the international arms industry founded

Meanwhile, in the Ukrainian capital Kiev, 252 companies from more than 30 countries came together at an international arms forum. Ukrainian President Volodomyr Zelenskyj announced the establishment of a defense industry alliance that would be joined by 38 companies from 19 countries, including Germany. In his evening video message, he spoke of a very successful meeting that was intended to help make the country a world-leading arms producer.

The priority is the development of a modern defense industry in Ukraine, said Zelensky. Rockets, drones and artillery shells, as well as tank technology and effective anti-aircraft systems, will be produced in collaboration with leading companies, he said. The members of the alliance should build an arsenal together with Ukraine.

Biden: US support for Ukraine must not be interrupted

US President Biden quickly called for further support for Ukraine after the US Congress voted to avert a government shutdown. The Democrat said on Saturday evening (local time) that the agreement was “good news” for the people in the country. “Under no circumstances can we allow American support for Ukraine to be interrupted,” he warned. Congress had previously passed an interim budget until mid-November, thus averting a so-called shutdown.

Biden still had to sign the law. However, the agreement does not contain any further support for Ukraine. During the vote, the Democratic and Republican leaders announced that they would ensure that additional support for the attacked country should be voted on as quickly as possible.

One year of annexation: Putin promises reconstruction of regions

Russia, however, made it clear that it would not give up on its war aims. The deputy head of the Russian National Security Council, Dmitry Medvedev, said on Telegram on the anniversary of the annexation of the four regions that Russia wanted to take over more regions in Ukraine. The war will continue until the “complete destruction of the Nazi Kiev regime,” said the ex-president.

Kremlin leader Putin had previously promised that the regions destroyed by the war would be rebuilt. “Schools, hospitals, residential buildings and streets, museums and monuments” would be rebuilt and rebuilt, Putin said in a video message released by the Kremlin on Saturday.

Putin signed agreements on admission to the Russian Federation on September 30, 2022, in violation of international law and after internationally unrecognized referendums with the occupying chiefs of the four regions. Even after more than a year and a half of war, Russia does not completely control any of the four annexed regions.

What will be important on Sunday

Ukraine celebrates the Day of the Country’s Defenders. Above all, those who gave their lives for the country’s struggle for independence should be honored, said Zelensky. At 9:00 a.m. local time (8:00 a.m. CEST), public life will come to a standstill for a national minute of silence.

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