Ukraine update: Russian army has supply problem

Ukraine update: What happened in the night

Russian army has a supply problem – and concerns about the winter

The Russian armed forces are standing according to the “Institute for the Study of War” (ISW) are facing difficulties in maintaining their basic services. There are also problems with the replenishment of precision weapons. This is reported by several Russian and Ukrainian sources. Andriy Yusov, a representative of Ukraine’s GUR intelligence service, reports that Russia can only produce “dozens” of Kalibr cruise missiles and a smaller number of Iskander missiles per month. As a result, Russia cannot replenish stocks for the wartime period of 2022. According to Yusov, Russia faces difficulties in obtaining modern devices, electronics and chips. “Grey imports” and smuggling may not fully meet demand.

Even rubber is missing to replace worn tires, which in turn are essential for operations at the front. The increasing wear of the tires will slow down the progress of the armed forces. “Poor quality and inadequate tires will increasingly limit Russian mobility in the muddy season and in winter,” according to the ISW.

US also supplies Ukraine with depleted uranium tank ammunition

The US put together a new aid package for Ukraine. This includes, among other things, equipment to support the Ukrainian air defense system, ammunition for the Himars multiple rocket launchers and artillery ammunition, according to Washington. Tank ammunition with depleted uranium will also be supplied for the first time. The uranium ammunition is intended for the US Abrams tanks. Due to its higher density than steel or lead, depleted uranium has a higher penetrating power.

Market square shot at: at least 17 dead in eastern Ukrainian city

The Russian army shelled a market square in the eastern Ukrainian city of Kostyantynivka. At least 17 people died. In addition to the many fatalities, the authorities also counted more than 30 injuries. The search and rescue work has been completed, Interior Minister Ihor Klymenko said on Telegram. In his evening video address, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy thanked all international partners who condemned the attack. “It is very important that the response to Russian terror was even greater world cohesion,” he said. It was initially unclear what exactly hit the projectile. Some local media assumed an S-300 missile.

Kostyantynivka is just under 20 kilometers southwest of the town of Bakhmut, which the Russians occupied a few months ago as part of their war of aggression, and has repeatedly been the target of Russian attacks.

EU condemns Russian attack on Kostyantynivka

The EU strongly condemned the recent Russian attacks on civilians in Ukraine. A spokesman for EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said they are also calling on Russia to stop its inhumane and illegal aggression immediately. “Deliberate attacks on civilians are war crimes. All commanders, perpetrators and accomplices of these atrocities will be held accountable.”

Authorities: Russian anti-aircraft guns shoot down drones

According to officials, Russian air defense shot down drones in Rostov-on-Don near the border with Ukraine and in Moscow early Thursday morning. In Rostov-on-Don in the city center, a person was injured by the debris of a downed drone, but did not need to be hospitalized, Rostov governor Vasily Golubev wrote on Telegram. In addition, facades and windows of houses and several cars were damaged.

Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin wrote on Telegram that a drone had been shot down in a district of the capital. No injuries or damage were initially reported.

For more than 18 months, Russia has been waging its war of aggression against Ukraine, also bombarding its neighbor’s hinterland with drones and rockets. In the meantime, however, attacks on the Russian hinterland are also increasing. Drones have also repeatedly damaged objects in Moscow itself, although the extent of damage and casualties caused by Ukrainian drone strikes in Russia cannot be compared with the scale of Russian attacks.

What will be important on Thursday

During a visit to the European Parliament on Thursday, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg wants to discuss with members of parliament the long-term support of the West for Ukraine and the possibility of security guarantees for Kiev.

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