Ukraine update: US warns Kim Jong Un against supplying arms to Putin

Ukraine update: What happened that night

Russian National Guard may recruit imprisoned Wagner fighters

The Russian National Guard may be recruiting previously imprisoned former Wagner Group fighters. Like that Institute for the Study of War (ISW) reports, Russia wants to further weaken the remnants of the Wagner Group and at the same time strengthen Russia’s internal security apparatus. The US think tank bases its descriptions on the Russian opposition portal iStories.

Relatives of imprisoned former Wagner fighters revealed that some of their relatives had received invitations to serve in the National Guard after a series of tests. The ex-Wagner fighters would have had to pass a security check and submit documents confirming official pardons for their prison sentences and the conclusion of their Wagner contracts.

According to the ISW assessment, an active recruitment of former Wagner fighters by the National Guard would be quite remarkable. Finally, the Russian leadership has recently tried to strengthen the role of the National Guard as an internal security organ after the Wagner uprising on June 24th. The Guard’s primary concern may be to maximize its troop pool and exercise direct control over former Wagner elements in the hope of securing internal security after the uprising.

Crimean bridge closed to traffic

Traffic on the Crimean Bridge was temporarily suspended on Tuesday night, the bridge operator appointed by Russia said. The administration did not give a reason for the suspension. The background could be that the Crimean Bridge has repeatedly been the target of drone attacks from the air and sea in recent months.

Baerbock gave no hope for a quick Taurus delivery

Baerbock also met with her Ukrainian colleague Dmytro Kuleba on her fourth visit to Ukraine since the Russian war of aggression began more than a year and a half ago. She emphasized the continued support from Germany. At the same time, however, it gave the attacked country no hope of a quick decision to deliver the Taurus cruise missiles requested by Kiev. First, “all questions must be clarified,” she emphasized. Kuleba reacted with disappointment: “There is not a single objective argument against it,” he said.

North Korea’s ruler arrives in Russia

According to South Korea, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un arrived in Russia on his way to a meeting with Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin. The Ministry of Defense in Seoul said there were indications that Kim’s private train crossed the border on Tuesday morning (local time). Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Putin’s meeting with Kim would take place in the Russian Far East. The spokesman was quoted by the state news agency Tass as saying where exactly has not yet been said. There will be meetings between the two delegations and individual discussions before an official dinner.

After days of speculation abroad, Moscow and Pyongyang only confirmed an “official visit” by Kim to Russia on Monday. The USA suspects that it will primarily be about arms deals between Russia and the strictly isolated North Korea. Although there was no official information yet, there was speculation that the two could meet at an economic forum in Russia’s Far Eastern metropolis of Vladivostok. The forum lasts until Wednesday.

North Korea’s state media reported on Tuesday that Kim had already boarded his train in Pyongyang on Sunday afternoon, accompanied by representatives of the ruling Workers’ Party, the government and the military. Pictures showed that he was accompanied by Foreign Minister Choe Sun Hui, among others.

USA warns North Korea against supplying arms to Russia

The USA reserves the right to impose further sanctions in view of the planned talks about arms deliveries between ruler Kim Jong Un and President Putin. “Any transfer of weapons from North Korea to Russia would be a violation of multiple UN Security Council resolutions,” said Matthew Miller, US State Department spokesman.

London: Russian attempted attack on civilian freighter in August

Britain, meanwhile, accused Russia of an attempted attack on a civilian freighter in the Black Sea. The Liberian-flagged ship was one of the intended targets when Russia attacked the port of Odessa with cruise missiles on August 24, the British government said, citing intelligence information. The Ukrainian air defense intercepted the projectiles. The US government had previously warned of Russian attacks on civilian ships in the Black Sea.

What will be important on Tuesday

The counteroffensive continues in the south and east of Ukraine. Kiev recently reported again on minor gains in terrain, but at the same time also admitted that the situation was difficult in many places.

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