Ukraine war: Kretschmer wants Europeans to negotiate with Putin

Ukraine must not lose the war against Russia, says Saxony’s Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer.

But for him it also applies: “This conflict in a small part of the world must not plunge the whole world into misfortune. But I have the feeling that we are on the way there.”

Kretschmer wants a ceasefire in the Ukraine war

Kretschmer sees a ceasefire and a pause as a strategic opportunity to clarify problems. Saxony’s Prime Minister explains this in an interview with “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” . You have to think and weigh up alternatives. “It must be possible to discuss another path, the diplomatic path, with seriousness and in an appreciative manner, without being shouted down. I believe that this has damaged the social climate in Germany.”

When asked by the FAZ whether Ukrainians should not be allowed to decide for themselves which course they want to pursue, Kretschmer said that Ukraine could then do “whatever it wants and for as long as it wants.” That would be a blank check, and it is clear that in reality this blank check does not exist.”

Kretschmer: Europeans must offer Putin negotiations

One should not be at the mercy of Putin, said Kretschmer. The time has long since come to offer Putin negotiations. “At least since the standstill at the front.” It has to be an initiative of the Europeans who have to achieve this together with America, China and India. “That means influencing Putin and also talking to the Ukrainians. It is a bitter statement that parts of their national territory may not be sovereign for years or decades. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up this territory.”

A “negotiated solution” with a division, i.e. a free western part and an eastern part under Moscow, is “bitter” for Kretschmer, but “the alternative would be to liberate the entire Ukrainian territory again. Do we have the feeling that this is achievable?” It was right to initially help the country beat back the aggressors. “But now there is just wear and tear along the front. Then, I think, you have to take a different path, that of diplomacy.”

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