Ukrainian commander slams French tanks as ‘impractical’

French military vehicles have been deployed in Ukraine since April. Now four inmates died after a grenade exploded nearby.

According to a Ukrainian commander, the highly mobile French AMX-10 RC infantry fighting vehicles are “impractical” for front-line attacks. A crew of four had already died because of the vehicle’s thin armor.

Kyiv said back in April that the French vehicles, designed for armed reconnaissance and attacking enemy tanks, were in action. Ukrainian President Zelenskyy thanked French President Macron for sending the “light battle tanks” to Kiev.

Now, however, AFP reports that a battalion commander from the 37th Marine Brigade said the tanks’ “thin armor” meant they could be used for support but not for front-line attacks. “Unfortunately, there was one case where the crew died in the vehicle,” the major said.

“Unfortunately, the armor is very thin”

“There was artillery fire and a shell exploded near the vehicle, the fragments penetrating the armor and the ammunition detonated.” The four occupants of the vehicle were all killed.

“The guns are good, the observation devices are very good. But, unfortunately, the armor is very thin and it is impractical to use it at the front,” Spartanets said.

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