Ukrainian resistance: This is why it is easy to poison Russian soldiers

Ukrainian resistance forces provide deep insights into their tactics and methods against the Russian occupation in Mariupol. Within a few months they had managed to kill more than 40 Russian soldiers, with poisoning being the main method. This reports “Kyiv Post“.

New tactics in use

Most recently, a meticulously planned operation that lasted several weeks resulted in the deaths of 26 Russian soldiers and the hospitalization of 15 others, according to information provided to the Kyiv Post by the Mariupol guerrillas. The “how” of these actions was described with a rotation of personnel and the supposedly easy handling of the Russians. It was said that they were reckless and that the Ukrainian cooks who were involved in the poisonings were now safe.

Several poison attacks on Russian officers

The Kyiv Post also reports on an incident in August in which two Russian officers were killed in a poisoning operation by Ukrainian partisans. In total, the resistance in Mariupol “eliminated” more than 40 occupiers during the summer and the first two months of autumn, said Petro Andryushchenko, adviser to the mayor of Mariupol. A Russian officer confirmed that eight of his comrades were found murdered within two weeks. Methods range from stabbing to shooting, and many of these killings were not made public to avoid panic.

Different methods

In addition to poisoning, the resistance forces rely on a variety of methods: espionage, rocket attacks and even the use of poisoned alcohol. They are ready to help and provide support in any way possible to combat the occupation, members of the Mariupol resistance told the Kyiv Post.

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