Ukrainians are testing the weaknesses of the Russians


In a Ukrainian village near the Donetsk and Zaporizhia oblasts (regions), Ukraine is now reverting to a strategy it used earlier against the Russians. During the counterattack on Kherson last year, the tactics of the Ukrainian armed forces were repeatedly questioned due to the high losses and wounded.

But four months later, the big city in the south was liberated to great rejoicing. It is precisely this tactic that the Ukrainians are now digging up again on the offensive.

“Tactical Prelude”

The first phase of this tactic, according to the “World“, is a kind of tactical prelude: Similar to a chess opening, Ukraine is in a kind of discovery phase and is not yet fully in attack mode. Soldiers at the front have orders to attack and capture specific targets, but as soon as Russia sends new troops to reinforce them, their job is done.

The attack south of Welyka Nowosilka was merely a tactical maneuver to test the Russian reaction and tie down their troops. This tactic could also be followed by other advances by Ukraine along the front line. As a rule, these would only be carried out in battalion and brigade strength.

Ukrainians want to test Russian weaknesses

The Russian General Staff is of course aware of this and is constantly moving units in different directions to react to the advances – a “cat and mouse” game. Nevertheless, unlike Russia, Ukraine has the advantage of always being able to attack at least four sectors of the front, according to the “Welt”. Russia can only react and constantly reinforce its troops at the Ukrainian points of attack. With this tactic, the Ukrainians want to test the Russians’ weaknesses – and that could take a while.

In addition, Ukraine has so far only activated a fraction of the units that the Ukrainian General Staff has provided for the counteroffensive, according to the “Welt”. They waited far behind the front lines in the Dnipro and Zaporizhia regions, where the soldiers would also hide their military vehicles under camouflage nets in hidden camps in the forest. Because barracks are too dangerous as accommodation because of the Russian long-range missiles.

Russian supplies must first be eliminated

Before the full-scale attack could begin, the Russian supply lines, ammunition depots and fuel depots would first have to be shut down, a press officer with the Ukrainian unit told the newspaper. The action is reminiscent of last year’s Cherson offensive, during which Ukraine bombed the Russian army’s logistics far behind the front lines for three months.

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