Unpaid Russian soldiers: insider information exposes Black Sea Fleet

Informants from within their own ranks

Rocket fire by the Black Sea Fleet encouraged by disappointed Russian insiders An important factor that made the rocket attack on the Russian Black Sea Fleet possible, according to Ukrainian partisans, was Moscow’s lack of pay for Russian marines. Speaking to the Kyiv Post, the Ukrainian and Tatar partisan movement ATESH said they received crucial information about the location and activities of leading Russian commanders in exchange for financial compensation from officers.

More than just financial frustration

In addition to the lack of payments, there were other reasons why members of the military turned against their leadership. Some believe that their country is “waging a criminal war and that it must be stopped.”

There is no information about the exact amount paid by ATESH. But it was enough to offset potential risks to the officers and their families. The identity of the informing officers also remains unclear, but they had insight into the “general activities of the (Black Sea Fleet) command.”

Dramatic attack on the fleet

Last Friday, an attack was directed against the headquarters of the Russian Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol on the annexed Crimean Peninsula. According to Ukrainian special forces reports on Telegram, 34 officers died and 105 people were injured. The fleet headquarters had been damaged beyond repair. Black Sea Fleet commander Viktor Sokolov is reportedly among the casualties.

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