Unprecedented conflict: US minister warns – China is preparing for war against the USA

China is apparently increasing its military preparations with regard to the USA. At least that’s what Air Force Minister Frank Kendall said, warning that the country was specifically preparing for a possible war with the USA. At a symposium in Maryland, he made it clear that the United States should prepare for a type of conflict it has not seen in recent history. He also made it clear that war was by no means viewed as inevitable.

Particularly alarming, according to The Hill, is Kendall’s observation that China is expanding its armed forces at an impressive rate. China has also launched two new military domains: one to combat aircraft carriers and other key assets, and a strategic support service that seeks information superiority in space and cyber domains.

Two decades of strategic preparation

For more than two decades, Kendall continued, China has optimized its forces specifically to compete with major powers and, in particular, to defeat the United States in the Western Pacific. China’s concrete intention is to achieve its national goals even if the USA resists.

The current tensions between the two major powers are strongly influenced by the situation surrounding Taiwan. Beijing has historically viewed Taiwan, which is self-governing, as part of mainland China. Washington warned that Chinese President Xi Jinping would not shy away from taking Taiwan by force. US President Biden has repeatedly emphasized the willingness to send troops to defend Taiwan should such a scenario arise.

USA must align its armed forces to new threats

Finally, The Hill reports, Kendall emphasized that both the U.S. air and space forces are powerful. But these would have to be readjusted in order to effectively face great power competition, especially with China. A possible war with China could have far-reaching consequences if preparations are inadequate.

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