US Firm Offers Ukraine Advanced Military Surveillance Drones For $1

A top US producer of state-of-the-art military surveillance drones declared on Wednesday their readiness to sell two drones to Ukraine for only $1 and urged the US government to greenlight the transaction.

General Atomic Aeronautical Systems stated that it has been persistently advocating for the US government to supply Ukraine with its formidable Grey Eagle and Reaper drones, which have been effectively utilized by the US military for surveillance and precision strikes in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, and other war-torn regions.

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The company mentioned that the drones, capable of soaring great distances at medium altitudes, are one of the most crucial force-augmenting technologies that Ukraine requires in its conflict against Russian troops.

The US armed forces have furnished Ukraine with several small-scale attack and surveillance drones, however, nothing with the cutting-edge technologies and extended capabilities like the unmanned aircraft from General Atomic.

“Since the start of the Russian invasion, we have been exploring ways to fulfill the demands of Ukrainian forces with our offerings, including the MQ-9 Reaper and MQ-1C Gray Eagle,” General Atomics CEO Linden Blue stated in a press release.

He mentioned that the company has proposed to provide training to Ukrainian operators at no expense to the US or Ukrainian governments.

The company was ready to transfer two of its training aircraft, as well as a ground control station and additional hardware, for a nominal fee of $1.

He stated that Ukraine or another party would have to bear the cost of equipping and relocating the aircraft and establishing the operation to deploy them over the battlefield.

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