US Govt Sues Google Over Dominance Of Online Ad Market

The Department of Justice filed a lawsuit against Google on Tuesday for its effective reign in internet advertising, beginning a new legal war against the California-based company.

The Federal Antitrust Law sued Google for illegally maintaining a monopoly that had corrupted legitimate competition in the digital advertising arena.

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Google has used anticompetitive, exclusionary, and unlawful means to eliminate or severely limit any threat to its dominance over digital advertising technologies, the suit indicated.

The case was launched by the US Department of Justice (DOJ) in conjunction with eight states: California, Colorado, Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Tennessee, and Virginia.

Google is main factor in the digital advertising and marketing business, which companies rely on for their digital advertising needs.

Google is controlling a critical segment of the World Wide Web, which is why competition for entrepreneurs is limiting the amount of new innovations, the prosecutors said.

In pursuit of increased gains, Google has caused great harm to online publishers and advertisers and American consumers, said Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco in a statement.

Federal authorities have announced an ongoing investigation into Google’s apparent violations of antitrust law, which have primarily targeted the company’s alleged abuse of regulations and authority for the Android operating system.

Google has denied vehemently it is a monopoly, saying rivals in the online ad market include Amazon, Facebook-owner Meta and Microsoft.

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