US late-night stars release podcast on the Hollywood strikes

Hollywood has been on strike for weeks. Late-night stars like Jimmy Fallon or Jimmy Kimmel now reveal details in a new podcast.

Exclusive insights and information on the current writers’ and actors’ strike in Hollywood can now be found in the new Spotify podcast “Strike Force Five”. In the podcast series, US late-night stars Stephen Colbert (59), Jimmy Fallon (48), Jimmy Kimmel (55), Seth Meyers (49) and John Oliver (46) share their personal opinions and experiences on the subject .

According to the music streaming giant, the five entertainers came up with the idea of ​​meeting weekly last May to talk about the ongoing strikes in Hollywood. A limited edition podcast has now emerged from a series of hilarious and captivating conversations, according to Spotify.

Hollywood strike podcast begins August 30th

“Strike Force Five” starts on August 30th, there should be a total of twelve episodes. In each episode, one of them acts as a moderator. Proceeds will be donated to the currently unemployed staff of their respective late night shows.

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