US military plane crashes during training over the Mediterranean – five dead

A US military aircraft crashed during a training flight over the eastern Mediterranean, according to the American armed forces. All five occupants were killed, the US Armed Forces in Europe (Eucom) announced on Sunday. It was a routine aerial refueling operation as part of military training. There is no evidence of enemy activity. The incident therefore occurred on Friday evening.

Five dead in plane crash over the Mediterranean

US President Joe Biden and US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin expressed dismay at the incident. “Our soldiers put their lives on the line every day for our country,” Biden said in a written statement. “They willingly take risks to ensure the safety of the American people.” Austin also said that while more information is being gathered about this fatal accident, it is another reminder of the selfless service of U.S. soldiers everywhere.

Most recently, because of the Gaza war, the USA relocated several warships to the eastern Mediterranean as a deterrent, including the aircraft carriers “USS Dwight D. Eisenhower” and “USS Gerald R. ford“. Air force squadrons have also already been sent to the region.

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