USA: 15-year-old show jumper Hannah Serfass dies after a training accident

After the bad training accident, Serfass was taken straight to the hospital. But the doctors on site could only determine her death.

“Hannah, from Webster, Fla., was a very talented, up-and-coming young rider who trained with Robin Swinderman,” the US Equestrian Federation said in a statement.

15-year-old Hannah Serfass dies in a riding accident

Serfass was considered a great talent in the equestrian scene. In an interview with the equestrian magazine “World Equestrian Center Magazine,” she herself said about her greatest passion, equestrian sport: “I started it and just never want to stop. And now I want to learn all I can about it. I want to continue

As the US equestrian sport explained, the accident will be examined closely. “We will do everything we can to find out exactly what happened, to minimize the risk and increase safety in equestrian sport,” the message said.

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