USA is playing with fire: China reacts irritably to US war report

After publishing an alarming 145-page report portraying Beijing and Moscow as an “existential challenge” to the US, China issued a serious war warning to the US. Loud “Daily Express“The Congressional Strategic Situation Commission concluded that the United States was ill-prepared for a simultaneous threat from China and Russia.

Aggressive attitude of the superpowers

Recent years have seen worrying and aggressive military behavior from China and Russia, which commission members say increases the “risk of conflict with two nuclear partners.” Reacting to the report, the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) official newspaper condemned the findings, calling the idea of ​​simultaneous wars with Russia and China “deeply disturbing,” according to the Daily Express.

Beijing reacts

An article in the Global Times, a CCP publication, emphasized that implementing the report’s recommendations could cause immense damage to world peace and could be directed against the United States itself. The newspaper also warned that Washington should think carefully about the Chinese proverb that “those who play with fire will perish.”

Tensions over Taiwan

The background to this warning is the growing tensions between China and the US, especially regarding Taiwan’s sovereignty. Beijing sees Taiwan as part of its territory and has repeatedly threatened to conquer the island. The Daily Express reports that Chinese warplanes were recently dispatched to the Taiwan Strait to warn US patrol aircraft. The USA, however, reacted cautiously and emphasized its commitment to a “free and open Indo-Pacific”.

US position on Taiwan

The United States has a security agreement with Taiwan and supplies the island with military equipment to prevent a possible forced takeover by Beijing. US President Joe Biden stressed that he would send troops to defend Taiwan, while Chinese President Xi Jinping called on the US to respect China’s “sovereignty and territorial integrity”.

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