Verena Kerth and Marc Terenzi celebrate their birthday in Paris

Verena Kerth and Marc Terenzi are belatedly celebrating their birthdays in the city of love. In Paris, the scandal couple is duly received. After the headlines of the past few days, Verena and Marc are harmonious as usual.

Verena Kerth (42) and Marc Terenzi (45) are good at laughing at the headlines – Verena also shows in her Instagram story how happy the two are with each other. You are currently vacationing in Paris, the city of love.

Belated birthday party in Paris

The scandal couple travels by train to Paris, their next destination. They take their followers with them. The reason for the trip to Paris is that the two want to catch up on their birthday in the city of love – but Verena was already in July and Marc in June. The couple’s hotel room has been specially prepared for the belated birthday celebration – there is sparkling wine and a fruit platter, balloons and sweets. The hotel suite is also impressive: the view of the Eiffel Tower can be enjoyed directly from a small balcony.

Verena Kerth and Marc Terenzi: “We will work seriously on it”

Verena and Marc are always harmonious in their Instagram stories and seem like a well-rehearsed team. However, media reports repeatedly raise allegations that the relationship between the two is characterized by violence, among other things. Recently even the police had to move in. Because during a visit to Hamburg, there was a loud argument between Verena and Marc. For Marc, the police operation even ended in the drunk tank. Verena then told “” as follows: “It is clear that an incident like that in Hamburg was simply wrong and we will work seriously to ensure that something like this never happens again”.

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