Victoria Beckham flees fight with daughter

A fight broke out at a Miami restaurant during a visit by Victoria Beckham and her daughter Harper. It is said that her companion, footballer Lionel Messi and his wife, was secretly photographed. When things get violent, Victoria Beckham takes her daughter to safety.

It was actually supposed to be a relaxed visit to a restaurant – but then things turned out very differently. Victoria Beckham (49) flees with her daughter Harper Beckham (12) from the restaurant where a fight has developed.

According to “”, there was a violent altercation at the “Gekko” restaurant in Miami last Friday (August 11). A guest who is said to have celebrated his daughter’s birthday in the restaurant was attacked by the security forces. The reason for this was that the family photos are said to have secretly taken photos of the stars present there Lionel Messi (36) and his wife Antonella Roccuzzo (35). The footballer had an appointment with his wife and Victoria Beckham, as well as her husband David Beckham and their daughter Harper, to eat at the Japanese steakhouse. When the argument became violent, Victoria quickly fled to bring her daughter to safety.

Victoria Beckham and Harper flee

Exclusive video footage showed a man covered in blood. He emphasized to the press: “They attacked us, threw me out and hit me in the face. Just because I tried to take a picture with his wife, not Beckham or Messi, nothing. It was a family thing.” A little later, David Beckham’s wife is seen walking protectively behind her 12-year-old daughter. The two rush to the car to get off the scene and to safety.

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