Victoria of Sweden loved a Daniel before

Before the crown princess married her dream prince Daniel, she was already in a relationship with a man named Daniel.

Crown Princess Victoria (46) and Prince Daniel of Sweden (49) are considered the absolute dream couple from Sweden. The two have been going through life together since 2001, but who did Victoria actually love before him? The answer: Daniel. Victoria’s first love shares the name with her current husband. His name is Daniel Collert (48) and he met the Swedish Crown Princess loudly “Svensk Damtidning‘ Known – and love – in 1993 through mutual friends.

Victoria of Sweden already loved another Daniel before husband Daniel

The two are said to have been a couple for three years until they separated in 1996. Victoria had just graduated from high school. The next two years were known to be very difficult for the heir to the throne. She developed an eating disorder, the palace officially confirmed in late 1997. Victoria retired from the royal spotlight and moved to the United States in 1998, where she received therapy and majored in political science and history at Yale. Daniel Collert is said to have been an extreme support for his ex-girlfriend during this difficult time, even moving to the USA to study. The two are said to have found each other again there.

After an eating disorder and therapy, Crown Princess Victoria got her happy ending

But the relationship didn’t last this time either: Victoria returned to her homeland in 2000, Daniel Collert stayed in the USA for two more years. The long-distance relationship is said to have bothered the two and they are said to have separated in 2001. What happened next is well known and is considered Sweden’s most beautiful love story. Victoria met fitness trainer Daniel – her now husband. The rest is history and culminates in a happy marriage – or so it seems publicly – that has been blessed with two children, Estelle (11) and Oscar (7).

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