Virginia Giuffre rocked the life of scandal royal Prince Andrew

Virginia Giuffre was paid millions to keep Prince Andrew from appearing in court. The American made the prince feel the consequences. Today she celebrates her 40th birthday.

For years, Virginia Giuffre fought to be heard. The American became world famous with a photo that showed her next to Prince Andrew (63) in 2001. But Virginia was still a minor at the time. The woman who accused Prince Andrew of abusing her three times turns 40 today.

Virginia Giuffre rocked Prince Andrew’s life

The story begins in 1999. Then Prince Andrew meets the now deceased, convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein know. It says Epstein’s alleged accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell – the last year to one 20-year prison sentence was convicted – have the brother of King Charles III (74), Princess Anne (72) and Prince Edward (59) introduced to the investment banker. Together, Epstein and Maxwell are said to have run a sex abuse ring. Their scam: they specifically sought out women from unstable backgrounds, promised them a great career and then forced them to perform sexual acts on others.

In 2001, Virginia Roberts becomes part of the story. At that time, the 40-year-old was still wearing her maiden name – and was only 17 years old. Prince Andrew was 41. The American accused the 63-year-old of sexually abusing her three times. Once in London, once in New York and once on Eppstein’s island in the Caribbean. In 2019, she rocked the life of the scandal royal when she went public with her allegations.

Prince Andrew, in turn, claimed in one interview in the same year, not knowing Virginia. He describes the photo, which serves as proof of their acquaintance, as fake. In 2021, the now-married Virginia Giuffre decided to file a lawsuit against the ex husband from Sarah Ferguson (63) to submit. Andrew then appealed again, but this was dismissed. In 2022, the current King’s brother and Virginia Giuffre settled out of court – against a payment of probably a total of 14 million euros. For a long time, the scandal royal felt no consequences for his actions. But with the out-of-court settlement, even the Queen became too colorful.

Prince Andrew is for his brother King Charles III. a red cloth

While Prince Andrew said goodbye to his public duties as a working royal in 2019, the Queen continued to stick to hers behind the scenes favorite son . After the out-of-court settlement, the record regent finally pulled the rip cord and withdrew from the father of Princess Eugenie (33) and Princess Beatrice (35) all military titles and patronages. Also from the palace side the Duke of York disappeared.

While his mother – although disappointed – protected him to the last, Andrew’s older brother sees him as “persona non grata”. The The Prince’s Suite at Buckingham Palace ? No longer accessible to him. Even from his estate – the Royal Lodge – Charles wants to evict his unloved brother. Only the breast cancer disease his ex-wife Fergie, who still lives with Andrew, is said to have persuaded the king to Temporarily postpone sacking . One thing remains the same, however: Prince Andrew is for the monarch – and for the Windsor dynasty – for dark red cloth become.

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