War in Israel: Israel continues war against Hamas with “hand-to-hand combat” in Gaza

Jordanian Air Force drops aid supplies over Gaza Strip

Monday, November 6th, 6:38 a.m.: The Jordanian air force has dropped medical supplies over the Gaza Strip, according to a media report. The newspaper “The Times of Israel” reported this on Monday night, citing a corresponding statement from the Jordanian King Abdullah II. Israel had imposed an embargo against uncontrolled aid deliveries to the Gaza Strip. It is unclear whether the relief supplies reached the hospital or whether the operation was carried out with Israel’s knowledge or consent, the newspaper continued.

Around midnight, medical supplies and medicines were dropped by parachute over a Jordanian field hospital in Gaza, the Jordanian monarch was quoted as saying. “It is our duty to help our brothers and sisters who were injured in the war against Gaza. We will always be there for our Palestinian brothers,” he wrote.

According to Israel, Gaza Strip divided into two halves: “North Gaza and South Gaza”

8:42 p.m.: According to military reports, the Gaza Strip has been completely divided in half by Israeli troops. There is now “a North Gaza and a South Gaza,” said spokesman Daniel Hagari on Sunday evening. The units have reached the coast in the southern part of Gaza city and are “holding” the area, Hagari said.

The city of Gaza is now completely encircled. This is a crucial step. However, according to him, civilians should still be able to flee to the southern part of the Gaza Strip. But he made it clear: “This is a one-way corridor to the south.” Hagari also confirmed that air strikes were extended to the densely populated coastal strip in the evening. According to the Palestinian Telecommunications Company, all communications and internet services were previously down there again.

Minister calls nuclear bomb on Gaza “option” – Netanyahu suspends him

6:28 p.m.: The Israeli government has clearly distanced itself from statements made by a right-wing extremist minister about the actions in the Gaza Strip. Heritage Minister Amichai Elijahu responded on Sunday, when asked during a radio interview whether a nuclear bomb should be dropped on the Gaza Strip: “That is one of the options.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu then said Elijahu’s comments had “no basis in reality” and suspended the minister from cabinet meetings until further notice, according to media reports. However, it was unclear whether he was also considering dismissal. Israel and the army acted “in accordance with the highest standards of international law to avoid harm to civilians,” Netanyahu said. This will continue to be done “until our victory” against the Islamist Hamas ruling in the Gaza Strip.

Turkish police use tear gas against anti-Israel demonstration in front of US base

5:31 p.m.: Turkish police broke up a pro-Palestinian rally near the US Incirlik air base on Sunday. The officers used tear gas, as a photographer from the AFP news agency observed. Accordingly, the officers only intervened when the demonstrators began to move towards the base.

Images on online networks showed several hundred people waving Palestinian flags and running across a field while police followed the protesters, apparently using a water cannon. There were initially no reports of injuries or arrests. The USA initially did not comment on the incident.

Israel: This is how Hamas abuses hospitals in the Gaza Strip

4:37 p.m: Israel’s military has presented new information that claims to show that the Gaza Strip’s ruling Hamas is using civilian infrastructure for military purposes. Videos, audio recordings and satellite images would once again prove how the terrorist organization Hamas hides its positions near health facilities, said military spokesman Daniel Hagari on Sunday.

According to the video footage presented, the Qatar-funded Sheikh Hamad Hospital in the northern Gaza Strip is said to be directly connected to Hamas’ tunnel network. A tunnel shaft was placed right next to the building, Hagari said about the recordings. There is also evidence that Israeli ground troops were fired from the hospital. The information could not currently be independently verified.

The Indonesian hospital in the Gaza Strip is also said to be surrounded by Hamas military infrastructure. “Hamas systematically built the Indonesian hospital to conceal its underground terror infrastructure,” Hagari said. He again accused Hamas of preventing civilians from reaching the south of the Gaza Strip despite intensive warnings from Israel.

According to Hagari, Israel has already dropped 1.5 million warning leaflets over Gaza, distributed around six million recorded messages and called 20,000 people. The spokesman also provided a recording that purports to prove that Hamas is withholding fuel from hospitals. This information has not yet been independently verifiable.

Israeli vehicle hit by anti-tank missile from Lebanon

2:25 p.m.: According to the military, an Israeli vehicle was hit by an anti-tank missile on the border with Lebanon on Sunday. The Israeli army said it was fired from Lebanon. The military returned fire and attacked the site of the attack.

Lebanon’s Hezbollah militia said it attacked a group of Israeli soldiers near the border, causing casualties

According to the army, Israeli missile defense had previously intercepted an unmanned aerial vehicle from Lebanon. In addition, several projectiles were fired from Lebanon into northern Israel. In both cases, the artillery attacked targets in the neighboring country to the north.

Israel continues war against Hamas with “hand-to-hand combat” in Gaza

11:22 a.m.: Since the Israeli deployment of ground troops in the Gaza Strip began around ten days ago, Israel says it has bombed more than 2,500 “terror targets” in the Palestinian territory. The Israeli army is continuing to “eliminate terrorists in close combat” and attack positions of the radical Islamic Hamas from the air, the army announced on Sunday. A Hamas “military base” was also hit that night.

The Hamas-run health ministry in the Gaza Strip said at least 45 people were killed in the bombing of the Al-Maghasi refugee camp in the center of the coastal strip on Saturday evening. There had previously been talk of more than 30 dead and around a hundred injured. An Israeli military spokesman said it was checking whether the Israeli army was deployed in the area at the time.

Blinken meets Palestinian President Abbas in Ramallah

10:59 a.m.: US Secretary of State Antony Blinken unexpectedly met Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah as part of his mediation efforts in the Middle East. The Palestinian Authority based in the West Bank city released images of the meeting on Sunday. It is the first visit by the US chief diplomat to the West Bank since the major attack by the radical Islamic Hamas on Israel on October 7th.

Israel’s army: Attacked 2,500 targets since ground combat began

8:26 a.m.: The Israeli army says it has attacked more than 2,500 targets during its ground operation against the Islamist Hamas in the Gaza Strip. This was done in conjunction with the Air Force and the Navy. The troops continued to “eliminate terrorists” in close combat, the army said on Sunday morning. Last weekend, the Israeli military ushered in a new phase in the war against the Palestinian organization ruling Gaza and expanded its operations on the ground.

The Gaza Strip is around 40 kilometers long and covers an area only slightly larger than Munich. More than 2.2 million people live in the densely populated area.

The troops directed warplanes to attack Hamas infrastructure, weapons depots, observation posts and command and control centers, the Israeli military said on Sunday. During the night, air strikes were also carried out on a Hamas military compound containing command and control centers, observation posts and other terrorist infrastructure.

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