“We are close, death is inevitable” – Russians should be unsettled

Ukrainian forces are stepping up offensive operations in the western regions of Donetsk and Zaporizhia, making minor progress, the Institute for the Study of War reports. In the wake of the recent loss of Staromaiorske, one pro-Russia blogger expressed concern about the strategic implications of that loss. However, after discussions with military personnel on the ground, he also expressed the opinion that withdrawing from the village does not pose a serious risk to the country’s defense structure, the Kyiv Post reports.

The decision to withdraw from some of the settlements in the contested “grey zone” could even be used strategically to draw the enemy closer to their own artillery, the Kyiv Post estimates. Such a retreat could make it possible to trap the enemy and maximize one’s advantage.

Psychological warfare intensified

Psychological warfare is also used by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The 70th Motorized Rifle Regiment of the Ukrainian Armed Forces distributed so-called “death cards” on the battlefields. According to the Kyiv Post, these cards carry the troubling message: “We’re getting close. Death is inevitable.” Such measures are designed to undermine the morale of Russian soldiers while demonstrating the determination of Ukrainian troops.

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