What are London and Paris allowed to do and we are not allowed to do it? Scholz continues on Taurus brakes

Ukraine’s demand for German Taurus cruise missiles has been making waves for months in order to be able to specifically target Russian posts on the other side of the front. Recent reporting from “Bild” and ARD-Hauptstadtstudio suggests that the federal government will not comply with the wishes of the country attacked by Russia in the short term. However, confirmation of this reporting was not forthcoming on Wednesday evening.

Germany is hesitant about cruise missile deliveries

“There is no new status to report on the question of Taurus cruise missiles,” a government spokeswoman told the German Press Agency, making it clear: an official decision is still pending. Meanwhile, the federal government repeatedly emphasized that it would carefully consider the decision and continue to discuss the issue with allies.

Scholz is keeping future options open

Although the German government did not issue a formal rejection to Kiev, Bild emphasizes that it has been made clear internally that there will currently be no deliveries of the Taurus missiles. However, Chancellor Scholz reserves future options. In public, he repeatedly emphasized that Germany currently wanted to concentrate on providing air defense systems. His hesitant attitude toward cruise missiles, which allow attacks deep into Russian territory, is well known.

“The British and French can do something that we are not allowed to do”

Meanwhile, Great Britain and France have delivered cruise missiles of the very similar types “Storm Shadow” and “Scalp”. According to “Bild,” Scholz said that these nations “can do something that we are not allowed to do,” and added: “That doesn’t raise the question.” He points out that both countries provide the geodata for missile targets independently, with Great Britain is even present on site in Ukraine with its own staff – an option that is out of the question for the German government.

Possible goals and political objections

In addition, German officials have reportedly expressed concerns that Taurus cruise missiles could be used to target the Kerch Bridge, which connects mainland Russia to the Russian-annexed Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea. Roderich Kiesewetter, foreign policy expert for the CDU, underlined his requirement for the delivery of Taurus missiles to Ukraine on Wednesday and emphasized to “Bild”: “By canceling the Taurus delivery, Scholz confirms the total failure of Germany as the self-proclaimed leading nation for European security and pushes ours “Offending partners like Great Britain and France, who are already supplying cruise missiles.”

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