What is known so far about the German Hamas hostages

The relatives of the hostages hope for Berlin’s support in efforts to free them, as they said after a meeting with Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) in Tel Aviv on Tuesday. Some of them want to take part in a solidarity rally in Berlin on Sunday. Which cases are known so far:

Yarden Romann

According to her family, the 35-year-old German-Israeli was visiting her in-laws in Kibbutz Beeri with her husband Alon and their three-and-a-half-year-old daughter Gefen during the Hamas attack.

The radical Islamic fighters broke into the family’s shelter and kidnapped Yarden, Alon and Gefen from the kibbutz. On the way to the Gaza Strip, the couple initially managed to jump out of their kidnappers’ vehicle with their daughter and escape, as their relatives reported to German media.

Accordingly, Yarden separated from her husband and her little daughter because she was too slow. While Alon and Gefen were able to hide successfully, Yarden has since disappeared – and there is also no trace of her mother-in-law and sister-in-law. The family hopes that all three women are still alive as Hamas hostages.

Shoshan Haran

Scientist Shoshan Haran and nine of her family members were also kidnapped in the attack on Kibbutz Beeri. According to friends and relatives, the victims are between three and 65 years old, the youngest being Haran’s granddaughter. According to the “Jüdischer Allgemeine”, Shoshan Haran is a German citizen, as are three other relatives. Two victims have Italian citizenship and another has Austrian citizenship.

According to their own statements, family members repeatedly tried to contact their missing relatives via cell phone. A cell phone belonging to the missing person was located in the Gaza Strip.

Finally, according to a statement from relatives and friends, a voice came on the phone and said just three words in Hebrew with an Arabic accent: “Gilad Shalit Gaza” – a clear reference to an Israeli soldier kidnapped in 2006 who was only killed five years later was released in a prisoner exchange.

Shoshan Haran is a German Fullbright scholarship holder, founder of the international non-governmental organization Fair Planet and is said to have advocated for Western companies to share their patents for high-yield seeds and life-changing biotechnology with countries in Africa.

Shani Louk

The 22-year-old has been missing since the Hamas massacre at a rave festival in the Negev desert in southern Israel, but her mother Ricarda Louk is convinced she is still alive and in a hospital in Gaza with serious head injuries. Ricarda Louk recognized her daughter on a video in which the 22-year-old can be seen half-naked on a pickup truck between several Hamas men in the Gaza Strip, with her face to the ground and her legs twisted.

Ricarda Louk describes her daughter as “cheerful and peace-loving” who enjoys dancing and attending music festivals. According to a friend, the trained tattoo artist has been working as a waitress in a restaurant in Tel Aviv for two years and is very popular with her colleagues because of her “funny and lively” nature.

According to “Spiegel”, Shani Louk has German and Israeli citizenship and has visited her grandparents in Ravensburg in Baden-Württemberg several times. Her mother, a Catholic who later converted to Judaism, emigrated to Israel. The Jewish father is Israeli.

Doron Asher

Israeli Yoni Asher is convinced that his wife Doron was also abducted by Hamas, along with their two- and four-year-old daughters and his mother-in-law. Doron and her children were visiting their grandmother at Kibbutz Nir Oz near the Gaza Strip when Hamas launched its attack, Asher told Channel News 12. He recognized his family from a Hamas hostage video. Accordingly, his wife, the two girls and his grandmother have German citizenship.

Margalit and Gadi Moses

77-year-old Margalit Moses and her 79-year-old husband Gadi were also believed to have been kidnapped as hostages from Nir Oz to the Gaza Strip. According to her brother Chanan Cohan, Margalit Moses is suffering from cancer and is seriously ill. The 85-year-old, who was born as the son of German settlers in what was then still the British Mandate of Palestine, worked in Germany for several years. According to him, all relatives have a German passport. Cohen assures that his sister, her husband and the entire family have always worked for peace.

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