“What now, Ms. Baerbock?”: ZDF questions the Foreign Minister today about the Middle East conflict

The ZDF changes its program the evening before due to current events: On October 7th there was a terrorist attack by the radical Islamic Hamas on Israel and just a few days ago the “second phase of the military operation” by the Israeli army began in the Gaza Strip. The issue is affecting the world and Germany in particular, as the government has emphasized that it is firmly on Israel’s side. There are still hostages trapped in the Gaza Strip and the situation couldn’t be more complicated. With an exclusive interview with Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock, ZDF is dedicating a special program to the topic, which begins on November 1st at 7:20 p.m.

“What now, Ms. Baerbock” on ZDF: Foreign Minister in an interview

ZDF editor-in-chief Bettina Schausten and ZDF news director Anne Gellinek will question Baerbock; one topic will also be the recent UN resolution on the war between Israel and Hamas, in which the German government abstained. There was criticism for this. Among other things, the ZDF announced in a press release questions such as: “What goals is the minister pursuing with her abstention?” and “Does unrestricted solidarity with Israel have limits?” The Foreign Ministry under Baerbock had always emphasized a “values-driven foreign policy”, but what does that mean? that in times of various wars?

ZDF changes the program for the interview. Following the special broadcast, there will be a repeat of “Food Tricks – Lege unpacks” with Sebastian Lege at 7:45 p.m. until 8:15 p.m. An episode of the series “Hotel Mondial” was originally planned at 7:25 p.m. It is not the first “What now” special broadcast this year: Chancellor Olaf Scholz was already a guest in January. The topic at the time: arms deliveries to Ukraine.

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Michael Roth in the morning magazine – German soldiers to Israel? SPD man talks about “true friends” on ZDF

After the Hamas attacks, Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz sets off for Israel. Previously, the chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, Michael Roth (SPD), spoke on the “ZDF-Morgenmagazin” about the friendship between the two countries, the expected ground offensive and the situation of the hostages

TV column – Anne Will addresses Annalena Baerbock in Talk: “You haven’t achieved anything yet?”

After the terrorist group Hamas attacked Israel, a war could flare up in the Middle East. On “Anne Will” experts discuss the sense of a ground offensive in Gaza. The moderator wants to know what Annalena Baerbock has achieved. She can’t report any successes – and is moved.

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