What the Bayern stars value internally about Kane much more than Lewandowski

In Harry Kane, Bayern have signed the long-awaited successor to Robert Lewandowski. The Englishman made an impact right away, the Bayern stars raved about the 30-year-old. Apparently Kane is significantly more popular than his predecessor in the Bayern jersey.

Harry Kane has scored 17 goals for FC Bayern in the current Bundesliga season. Munich’s star signing only needed eleven games to achieve this. For comparison: Robert Lewandowski needed 31 games to score this number of goals in his first season for FC Bayern.

But Kane is not only distinguished by his goals, the Englishman presented himself as a team player in his first months with the record champions. Seven assists in 16 games speak for themselves.

But the Englishman is also characterized by his willingness to drop deep to support the Bayern defense and create space for the players running beyond him.

“For Kane it’s all about the team winning”

Kane is a superstar who puts himself at the service of the team. It is precisely this fact that immediately earned the summer addition a lot of sympathy in Munich, including among the Bayern stars.

As The Athletic portal now reports, his teammates have “great respect for Kane.” Accordingly, he combines “unwavering self-confidence with genuine humility”.

What’s interesting is that Lewandowski was just as important to the team as Kane in terms of his goals, but the Brit is much more valued in the dressing room: “You always had the feeling that Lewandowski was doing it for himself and not for the club . For Kane it’s all about the team winning. “With this attitude, he is the perfect role model for everyone else,” “The Athletic” quotes a source close to the player.

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