WhatsApp Launches Official Proxy Support To Fight Internet Censorship

It has been reported that the number one internet messaging application WhatsApp enables users to connect to each other through proxy servers if their Internet service providers or their governments are blocking access to the service in their region.

The company, in a statement, said that proxy support was launched for users of WhatsApp all around the world.

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A proxy acts as a one-way portal for users to connect to the web through servers in different geographic areas. A proxy server lets users access the web even when their services have been blocked or limited locally.

The company, in the report, explained that its application uses a high level of security even when using a proxy. While end-to-end encryption had been applied, all personal messages would still be protected if they are sent of received using proxy.

WhatsApp provides detailed instructions for users intending to set up a proxy server.  The company also created an instruction manual for people who want to set up proxy servers for end users

To connect on Android and iOS, you have to enter a proxy address after enabling the Use Proxy option under the Storage and Data part of the WhatsApp settings screen.

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