WhatsApp Rolls Out “Message Yourself” Feature

WhatsApp, a Meta-operated social networking messaging application, has released a Message Yourself feature, which makes it possible for you to converse with yourself.

Message Yourself, a beta version that had been discovered by WaBetaInfo, is now being rolled out globally to iOS and Android users.

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As soon as you get an update, you are able to see yourself on the list of contacts when you open new messages. This functionality will allow users to send reminders, notes, and shopping lists to themselves on WhatsApp.

Users can also pin their Message Yourself chats to the top of a conversation list for more convenience and easy to access when needed.

Previously, you could only personally message yourself by creating a group with just one of you as a member or by using the click-to-chat function.

“WhatsApp only publicly started testing this feature back in October. Some users have managed to work around its absence in the past by creating a group and then removing other members to essentially create a private chat for yourself,” GSMArena reported.

According to the reports, the newly launched feature will be available in the coming weeks.

On the other hand, messaging application for Meta was planning to introduce a screen lock option for desktop users at the end of November.

The new WhatsApp lock feature, which had been accessible for Android users for a while, was the main concern for desktop users when it came to logging in to the service. The stability of the conversation app was of major concern for desktop users, as it posed concerns for mobile phone users typically.

WhatsApp intends to introduce new display locks to resolve the issue. Initially, it’ll be enabled for WhatsApp beta testers on a test basis.

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